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bespoke rings for engagements, weddings, partnerships and celebrations

Hannah specialises in engagement, wedding, partnership and celebration rings. We offer an alternative for those who prefer their jewellery truly made my hand.  All our rings are made completely from scratch, by Hannah, in our workshop.  We never ever use cast, pre-fabricated wedding ring "blanks" which are used by many high street jewellers, and instead individually make each ring by hammering and forging a flat piece of precious metal.  None of our rings are cast from a mould or formed using prototyping or electroforming techniques

Whilst we don't have anything against modern technology, we prefer to make our rings the old-fashioned way.  The tools we use have remained unchanged for centuries, and some of our workshop equipment in everyday use is over 100 years old.  If requested, we can even make a whole ring without the use of any electricty whatsoever.

Our customer service is exemplary, and because we are a micro-company we are completely flexible.  We can keep you updated throughout the making process, and we don't forget the little extras; we can even send you a photo or two before we finish it so you know we've shaped it just as you wanted it, or so that you can check we've got that special texture just right!

We are experts at creating bespoke wedding rings to perfectly nest against unusually-shaped engagement rings.

bespoke ring gallery

...and find out how to commission your own by viewing our bespoke customers FAQ

Please note that the diamond shield engagement ring (third row down), the ruby and diamond cluster engagement ring (seventh row down), and amethyst gold-set ring (bottom row) are antique rings. Also, the baby diamond cluster ring in rose gold (second row down), the large blue topaz solitaire engagement ring (seventh row down) and pear-shaped faceted diamond engagement ring (eighth row down) were not made by us. We have shown these rings - which all belonged to our customers - to illustrate how we can make wedding rings to nest against customers' own rings, a key part of our design process. 


other bespoke jewellery

We don't just do wedding rings. Have something in mind that you need someone to turn into reality? Got a gemstone you bought on a special holiday and want to have it turned into something?  Big birthday or anniversary coming up? Please get in touch! 

other bespoke jewellery gallery

Do you just do rings?

Most of our bespoke pieces are rings, but we've also made earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, cufflinks, pendants, charms. If you like what we do and there is something else you'd like us to make for you, please get in touch. Prices for other bespoke jewellery start from around £120 for a pair of gemstone-set earrings, or £170 for a gemstone-set necklace in 9ct gold.

What metal can I have my jewellery made in?

Copper, brass, bronze, sterling silver, fine silver, 9ct gold (yellow, white or rose), 18ct gold (yellow, white or rose), 22ct gold (yellow only).
We are sorry but we don't make rings in platinum, palladium or titanium. This is because these metals need special working techniques and workshop equipment - equipment which we don't currently have!

Do you rhodium plate your white gold?

Not as standard because as we adore the warm pale-grey tones of natural white gold. However, we can arrange rhodium plating on request.  The price for rhodium plating a white gold ring is £28.

Is your jewellery hallmarked?

Yes. We are registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office, which has been hallmarking jewellery and silverware for more than 550 years. All our silver and precious metal pieces which we have made or converted are hallmarked by them, and also bear our makers mark. All our non-precious pieces (i.e. copper, bronze, brass) bear just our makers mark.

Do you use fairmined and recycled metal?

Not as standard but we are always delighted to source fairmined and recycled eco-gold if you'd like us to.

If my jewellery is handmade, will it look 'amateur'?

No. We favour a style which some of our customers call 'archaeological', 'ancient' or 'rustic'. That's nothing to do with quality, but more to do with our style, our values and what we like to wear ourselves. If you want a CAD-designed, geometrically-exact, space-age ring then we're probably not the right jeweller for you.

If my ring is handmade, will it be strong enough for everyday wear?

YES!  Our handmade plain band rings are almost indestructible. For plain or textured band rings which aren't stone-set, we offer a lifetime guarantee. If your ring breaks or snaps, send it back and we will fix it for free. Forever.
As with any precious or semi-precious stone, care must be taken when going about daily tasks with a stone-set ring. Even a diamond - the hardest gemstone of them all - hit hard enough at just the wrong angle, can crack and shear in half. This is the case with any piece of stone-set jewellery from wherever you bought it ... so watch out for metal filing cabinets and kitchen taps!
Please discuss any concerns you have with us, we're always delighted to advise.

I have a manual job where I use my hands a lot.  Is this a problem?

No, but please do mention it if you're concerned, as it may have implications on the metal you choose for your ring, or any stones you'd like set into it. We have made rings for stonemasons, tree surgeons, carpenters and laboratory chemists, so you can be confident of our advice!
A ring with stones or applied motifs is more vulnerable than a plain one. A heavy knock which hits a stone directly, or a sharp clonk to an exposed motif, is highly likely to cause serious damage to your ring.

I have an old wedding ring which I'd like to have re-modelled. Can you do this?

Yes - within reason! Please talk to us about your ideas.

Can you melt down my old jewellery and re-use the gold?

Sorry, no, as we currently don't have the heavier facilities needed to do this.

What cross-section or ring profile can I have?

Literally anything! We hand-carve all our cross sections and ring edges, so we can make it as exact as you like. The most popular starting points for cross sections (also known as ring profiles) are double-comfort, round, outside D-section, inside D-section, and square-section or flat.

What textures and finishes can I have?

Again, literally anything! Our most popular finishes are hammered (light tapping right though to heavy bashing with a giant antique hammer), hand-engraved bark pattern, matte finish with polished edges, and highly polished all over. We also have a special piece of machinery which enables us to emboss any texture, including very delicate things like lace and feathers.

Can I have diamonds or other gemstones in my handmade ring?

The short answer is yes, although there are certain technical aspects we need to take into consideration, depending on which stone you'd like, your lifestyle and the dimensions of your ring. 

Do you make engagement rings?

Yes, we are happy flush-setting, bezel setting and claw setting. However, we prefer to steer clear of settings we don't enjoy creating (including crown settings and channel settings). We want all our rings to be made with love, not wailing and gnashing of teeth!! You might like to check out our wedding and engagement collection too for a beautiful selection of ready-to-wear rings.

Do I have to come up with the design and dimensions or will you do it?

We don't mind and are always happy to take you through the process of deciding step by step. Some customers are very hands-on, and others prefer to let us take the lead.  We love both approaches!
Sometimes customers say things like "I'd like a 5mm wide ring in yellow gold with a metal thickness of 1.5mm", or "I like this ring I've seen in your gallery, but in white gold and a little less chunky" or "here are some pictures of rings I saw in a museum. I like these two, can you come up with something which includes elements of them both?"
It's always helpful if you can give us a rough idea of your budget for us to work to. There is no point in us designing a heavy 18ct gold ring in a large finger size, set with ten diamonds, if your budget is £200 - it's disappointing and disheartening for everyone.
Please bear in mind that it's very easy for us to slightly alther the thickness or width of a ring, normally in 0.1mm increments, if the ring you love is over-budget or under-budget.  We are always happy to tweak quotes and recalculate - that's one of the joys of going bespoke!

Can I get a quote first, before I commit myself?

Of course! All our quotes and estimates are free of charge, and we are always happy to tweak metal thicknesses or techincal aspects to stay as close to your budget as possible.

How much are your handmade rings?

Our prices often match those on the high street - but our rings also come with added soul. Bespoke rings in sterling silver start at a minimum of around £70.  Prices for 9ct gold rings in January 2016 start at around £160 for a narrow, slim, elegant band.  Most rings we make currently come in at approximately between £250 - £600 per ring, but often they cost more, or less, than this. It simply depends on your individual requirements and your budget.
We don't mind whether you have £200 or £5000 to spend. Every ring we make has as much care and love put into it's making, regardless of how much it costs.

I don't know my finger size! What shall I do?

For quoting purposes, an estimate is fine. If you really don't have a clue, we can work out quotes based on average finger sizes; for ladies we use an L and for men we use a T.  For your final order we will need an exact ring size. You can either pay us a visit so that we can measure your finger, pay a visit to your local jeweller and ask for your finger to be measured, or you can send us a ring which you know fits your finger and we can make your new ring to the same size as that one.
Whilst high street jewellers often charge a flat price for their rings, regardless of finger size, we work out all quotes and prices on an individual basis. This means that the larger the finger size, the more metal is used and therefore the more expensive the ring will be. It also means that the smaller the finger size, the less expensive the ring will be.

I have an antique engagement ring and most wedding rings I've tried don't look right next to it.  Can you help?

We'd love to. We are experienced at creating and fitting wedding rings to nest perfectly against antique stone-settings or individually-shaped rings.
We will need you to send us your engagement ring for a short time.  It's a bit like having a fitting for your wedding dress - you can order the right measurements but a final fitting is still needed to ensure that everything is perfect.
Hannah has worked in the Fine Jewellery Department of a leading international auction house, and is also a collector of antique jewellery, so is very experienced in dealing and caring for fine and antique jewellery.

I have another question which isn't answered here!

Please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.  Details of how to contact us are on our ABOUT page.