Day Two of #jewelleryhannahgoestolondon


There is quite categorically no point in visiting London without paying one's respects at the indomitable Liberty of London. Even their window displays are something else! This time we found a celebratory hand-embroidered quilt inspired by tattoo symbolism...stupidly I didn't write down the details of who made it, and now I can't find out anything about it! I fell in love with ...e...v...e...r...y...t...h...i...n...g..., especially the monkeys and their sensitively detailed faces. 

 Mum and I kicked off with a fresh mani in the newly refurbished Margaret Dabbs Sole Spa hidden in the basement...subtle pink for mum and a bright springtime coral for me.  Here's our #ringsoftheday with some of Liberty's 1930s Betsy cotton print in the background (in actual fact, it's a pair of oven gloves for my new house!)...

I made my mum's wedding ring's 18ct yellow gold and set with 21 diamonds, you can see a bigger picture in our website's   bespoke rings gallery.

I made my mum's wedding ring's 18ct yellow gold and set with 21 diamonds, you can see a bigger picture in our website's bespoke rings gallery.

Then it was a stroll through the sunshine to Bond Street for some extreme window shopping...

The untold delights of S.J.Phillips... making people drool since 1869!

The untold delights of S.J.Phillips... making people drool since 1869!

Dear Santa,

In case you’re planning for Christmas early this year, please may I have the turquoise snake bangle for one wrist and the turquoise circular-linked Brogden bracelet for the other wrist (we couldn’t have one wrist feeling left out from all that cabochon goodness, could we?!).

Please could I also have one of those Georgian riveres (I’m not fussy), the blue diamond bird cufflinks (I love how they have a cockerel, a guinea fowl, a wren and a robin - so seasonal!) and a selection of the gold chains please.

Oh, and please don’t forget my stocking - I’d love that massive opal and diamond brooch. You know I’m always SUCH a good girl...

Love, Hannah x

Worth a try, right?  

And check out my sexy Swedish Moheda orange clogs in the reflection on the fifth photo! Available here.

I must have sounded like a lecherous old tart, I'm not shy about letting rip with my "fwooor"s and "uuooargh"s at each window we stopped at.  Especially round the corner at Wartski...apparently they do accept souls as payment!

I mean, is there any point in wearing any other jewellery, ever, when this exists in the world?!


A morning of drooling and too much retina-ache from all the bling made us pretty hungry. We hit up a lunch of Lobster Rolls washed down with cold beers at Smack Deli just off Oxford Street.  Even though I literally just ate lunch, I'm still dreaming about these babies (weeps quietly to self) and could eat about six in a row, but that would just be rude.

The final stop of the day was the *heaven* which is Selfridges shoe department...I reluctantly steered myself away from the Louboutins as my quarry was more practical. I fell down the stairs at home a few months ago (too busy daydreaming about holidays and not paying attention to where I was walking) and ended up bashing myself around.  I was diagnosed with plantar fasciits - which makes me sound like I have a runners' injury, HA! - and was instructed by my biomechanist to get some trainers.  Well, anyone who knows me knows I'm not a trainer person. More of a knackered chelsea/bovver boots kinda girl - I like my footwear to be "kick-your-head-in".  So I said that if I'm gonna get trainers, then I'm gonna get some mo-fo'ing TRAINERS.

So I went for gold - literally - with a pair of Air Max Theas.  Just in time for an early yomp around Portobello on Saturday morning!

COMING UP in Day Three of #jewelleryhannahgoestolondon ... PORTOBELLO.  Need I say more?!