Dreams Really Do Come True - Introducing Our New Purpose-Built Studio!

Dreams really do come true. Almost one year (to the day) we moved to our new base in Weardale, it is with HUGE pleasure we can declare our new studio now officially open!

This evening we had a very rainy ribbon-cutting ceremony, complete with champagne toasts and the pouring of a glass of bubbly over the doorknob to officially launch her. Welcome to our new home... our special cave, our sanctuary, our own garden jewellery-Tardis...

From a practical perspective, this exciting new space will enable us to grow our business whilst still keeping things small. We'll be able to streamline many of our services and explore new and exciting practical developments which we've been wanting to test for so long. And, from RIGHT NOW we are delighted to open bookings for private day-long Make Your Own Wedding Rings workshops!

Many little girls think a lot about about their perfect wedding dress and draw it over and over again, a favourite topic of their daydreams! Hannah was probably a lonesome gypsy in a past life, and dreamed instead of her very own hidey-hole at the bottom of the garden. One which you had to reach down a little path, a place which was warm and weatherproof, perhaps with a little woodturning stove and smoke coming out of the chimney. Fling the doors open in the summer, and listen to the rain on the roof in the winter.

And now, after all this time, here we are. 

We didn't want anything too obvious. We wanted something which would blend into the landscape and be as invisible and as visually unobtrusive as possible. We didn't want a LOOK AT ME kind of garden room. So instead of buying a new, modular building, we designed our own and adapted the existing - brutal concrete - shed.

There are still some more things to do to our new home. The roof is all set up ready for a green roof to be planted with native sedum plants, to attract bees and blend us further into the landscape. We still need planting to soften the lines and edges, and we will be designing our garden, previously a blank turf patch, around our new sanctuary. There will be climbing roses and lavenders and vegetable patches, and places to sit in the sunshine. And we even plan to install that little woodturning stove, so we'll have smoke coming out of our studio's tiny chimney after all!  Perhaps the only thing which will be missing are a set of wheels and a pony to pull her along by.

We'll let the photos of our little journey speak for themselves. 





You are very welcome to pay us a visit, either to see something in person you've seen on our website, to talk to us about an idea you have, or to collect your order. Please just contact us to arrange an appointment!


(Also...a HUGE thank you to Stuart and Lucas of DGI Property Services for bringing our vision to life! You guys are magicians x x x )