NEW! Fledermaus Bat Rings

These have been in the pipeline for a loooooong time and we’re so pleased to share them with you, just in time for Halloween!

a spooky silver night visitor, just outside our studio

a spooky silver night visitor, just outside our studio

Our beautiful Fledermaus ring is named after the German word for ‘bat’ which literally translates as “Flitter-mouse”.

Our Fledermaus rings are all cast directly from an antique mid-Victorian ring from Hannah’s personal collection. We use a slightly different casting technique for these rings (as opposed to sandcasting) to enable us to highlight the beautiful details of the bat’s ears and wing-bones.

lightroom edit-3.jpg

The bat is wonderfully 3D and is positioned with her wings and tail outstretched, as if she is launching herself into flight directly from your finger. She has long pointed ears which are pricked and alert.

Her wingspan is 2.0cm, and from the tips of her toes to the tops of her ears she measures 1.2cm.

Available in any ring size from UK size H (approx US size 4) up to UK size V (approx US size 11). The price is the same for all sizes of the sterling silver Fledermaus ring. Please just let us know which size you need and we will make one to your size.

Maximum lead time is normally around 2 weeks, depending on our workload.

You can purchase your own little silver or soon, gold! Fledermaus right here…

Fledermaus Bat Ring
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