spread the love! our brand new website

Today - Valentine's Day, no less! - we are delighted to launch our new-look website, especially as we have been closed for maintenance since early January. 

We thought it was all getting a bit complicated, far too many menus and sub-menus, and web content that even we had forgotten about (!). So we have come up with a more simplified and streamlined look, have removed old content, and added around 50 'new' vintage/antique and handmade pieces to our online shop. We've also re-photographed all our existing stock so that you can enjoy clearer, more true-to-life images.

You'll see that we have a new section called INTO OUR WORLD. We decided to introduce this because we receive so many messages from you all about how much you enjoy our Instagram stories. It you're not already following us, please do check out @JewelleryHannah on IG for up to-the-minute snapshots of what we're getting up to!

In this new section, we'll try to write more regularly about the things we love, and the things we love to share with you... namely our adventures in the beautiful northern-English countryside we're so lucky to call home, the antics of Demelza (greyhound) and Echo (white cat), what goes on behind the scenes in our studio, and anything else we think you might enjoy. And of course, if there's anything you'd like to find out more about then please do get in touch!

We have also simplified our online shop. There are now just six sections, but with more pieces in each. We've tried to curate these sections by style, so that if you're interested in (for example) chunky tribal and bohemian silver jewellery, you can check it all out in one place. IF you're interested in finer, more delicate antique and vintage, that's all under one roof too...

There's also a new section for CRYSTALS & GEMSTONES. Many of you are taking up jewellery making as a hobby, or as part of your own jewellery businesses, so we thought why not have a little section to share some of our favourites with you? In early March, we'll also be adding more feature crystals, rocks and minerals to this section - the sort of pieces which look stunning on a windowsill or mixed in with your favourite houseplants. We're very excited about this section, as Hannah's first love (above jewellery, even) was rocks and crystals!

Later in 2018 we'll be bringing you a new collection called WILD & HIGH. We can't share anything about this yet as it's top secret, but we've just begun working on our first designs and prototypes.

RAW - Air COMING SOON Thumbnail 2.jpg

There's also clearer information about our MAKE YOUR OWN WEDDING RINGS workshops and also our BESPOKE & CUSTOM jewellery.

That's all the main points to cover, but hopefully you'll find our new layout easier and more enjoyable to navigate. We always welcome feedback, so please comment below!

Oh, one more thing...to celebrate our return, please use the coupon code SPREADTHELOVE from 14th February until 16th February to enjoy an extra 10% off everything. Don't say we're not good to you!