Impromptu Summer Open Studio

We only decided to do this at 4pm the day before...but we were had vistors nearly all the time from five minutes after we opened until late afternoon, which was a real surprise considering where we are! The weather was against us in the evening with only a couple of callers, but nevertheless it was a really fun day.

We had on display the first bench-fresh Teeny-Tiny series pieces from our Wild & High collection in fine silver and 18ct yellow gold. These are individually hand-cast by Hannah from life (or rather...death) and are seldom larger than 1cm long.

We also raided our archives to show off a tempting selection of handmade sterling silver and gemstone pieces. 

But most of all, it was wonderful to be able to show off our beloved studio with fresh garden flowers, cups of tea and glasses of wine, and just to hang out with lovely people and talk about jewellery!

Keep an eye on our new EVENTS CALENDAR where we'll be sharing details of our Christmas Open Studio. 

We'll have on display a handpicked selection of affordable sterling silver jewellery, perfect to give as gifts (or of course as a treat for yourself!). Prices will start at £15 for handmade sterling silver stud earrings, and rise to around £300 for a statement necklace, with everything else in between. We'll also have a very limited number of gold and precious gemstone pieces, as well as hand-picked antique and vintage jewels to tempt you.


Our studio and garden will be transformed with fairy lights, candles and (weather permitting) outdoor braziers, and there'll be edible wintery treats, wine, mulled cider, and hot drinks to wash down any purchases and to keep you toasty!

We look forward to seeing you later in the year - and we promise you'll have advance warning this time...


Wild & High Collection Launched - Opening Pieces Now Available!

This Friday we are thrilled to launch the opening pieces from our Wild & High collection. This first release is inspired by the folk tale The Teeny Tiny Woman.

In early January of 2018, Hannah found the tiniest perfect rabbit bone whilst out walking on the fells near her studio, which led to the creation of the Teeny-Tiny series.

IMG_1465 flatter still.jpg

Each piece is painstakingly hand-made to order in our own studio and individually hand crafted by Hannah from fine silver and solid 18ct yellow gold. We use found bones and teeth from native British mammals, and then breathe new life into them through the ancient technique of sand casting; each bone or tooth is hand-cast from the original. We only use fine silver and 18ct yellow gold for our castings. 

Each time Hannah makes a casting, she has to make a brand new mould. This is extremely small-scale craftsmanship... teeny-tiny, in fact.

There are endless things to consider...

Did you know that to reach full melting point, 18ct gold must reach over 927ºC/1700ºF, and fine silver even higher at more than 961ºC/1762ºF?!

When we open the cooled mould to inspect the new casting, it's not uncommon for a casting to be incomplete. This means that Hannah has to re-make the mould, re-melt the silver or gold, and re-cast right from the beginning.

Each finished piece of jewellery from the Teeny-Tiny series takes around 2 hours to make, if everything happens as it should, and depending on complexity. Since each piece is individually made, there will naturally be small (teeny-tiny...) variations between them all. We inspect our finished castings very carefully, and only turn the ones which meet our strict standards into jewellery; those which we would be proud to wear ourselves. 

Our sand casting is a very eco friendly process; the casting rings are permanently re-useable, and we use the sand again and again (the only waste is the small burnt part). Most of the 18ct gold that we use is recycled, and our fine silver and gold can be re-melted and refined as many times as we need; incomplete castings are simply re-melted!

We have a limited number of 18ct gold necklaces with natural faceted tourmaline droplets. The tourmaline pieces are all one-offs, and the ones you see in the photographs are the one you will receive.

Each piece is made to order but since everything is made in-house and made by ourselves, we can control every step of the process; meaning no lengthy waiting times!

Please allow around one week for us to make your jewellery for you. 

The main inspiration as to why this is called the Teeny-Tiny series (aside from the obvious fact that everything is really small) is Hannah's favourite childhood folk tale. You can read it here; it's called The Teeny-Tiny Woman. You'll have to imagine the very particular way Hannah's mama would say "Give me my bone!"...

Once upon a time there lived a teeny-tiny woman who lived in a teeny-tiny house, in a teeny-tiny village. Now, one day this teeny-tiny woman put on her teeny-tiny hat and her teeny tiny coat, and went out of her teeny-tiny house to take a teeny-tiny walk. Whilst this teeny-tiny woman had gone a teeny-tiny way, she came to a teeny-tiny stile, and so the teeny-tiny woman climbed the teeny-tiny stile, and went into a teeny-tiny churchyard. And when this teeny-tiny woman was standing in the teeny-tiny churchyard, she saw a teeny-tiny bone on a teeny-tiny grave, and the teeny-tiny woman said to her teeny-tiny self, ‘This teeny-tiny bone will make me some teeny-tiny soup for my teeny-tiny supper.’ So the teeny-tiny woman put the teeny-tiny bone into her teeny-tiny pocket, and went home to her teeny-tiny house.

When the teeny-tiny woman got home to her teeny-tiny house, she was a teeny-tiny bit tired; so she went up her teeny-tiny stairs to her teeny-tiny bed, and put the teeny-tiny bone into a teeny-tiny cupboard. And when the teeny-tiny woman had been to sleep a teeny-tiny time, she was awakened by a teeny-tiny voice from the teeny-tiny cupboard, which said:

’Give me my bone!’

The teeny-tiny woman was a teeny-tiny bit frightened, so she hid her teeny-tiny head under the teeny-tiny clothes and went to have another teeny-tiny sleep. And when she had been to sleep again a teeny-tiny time, the teeny-tiny voice again cried out from the teeny-tiny cupboard a teeny-tiny bit louder,

’Give me my bone!’

This made the teeny-tiny woman a teeny-tiny bit more frightened, so she hid her teeny-tiny head a teeny-tiny further under the teeny-tiny clothes. And when the teeny-tiny woman had been to sleep again a teeny-tiny time, the teeny-tiny voice from the teeny-tiny cupboard said again a teeny-tiny bit louder,

’Give me my bone!!’

And this teeny-tiny woman was a teeny-tiny bit more frightened, but she put her teeny-tiny head out of the teeny tiny clothes, and said in her loudest teeny-tiny voice..

’TAKE IT!!!’
— traditional folk tale

Pop-Up Workshop to Celebrate the Bowes Museum's 125th Anniversary

Bowes 10th June Poster.jpeg

Last weekend I had an intense but super-fun day! On Sunday, the Bowes Museum held a summer fete to mark the end of a years' worth of celebrations of the 125th anniversary of the museum. There was so much going on... live music, face painting, dance, a wood-fired pizza oven...even a pop-up prosecco bar for the grown-ups! It was a beautiful, hot sunny day and was absolutely packed with happy families enjoying a summer day out. 

And I was there too! Just inside the main foyer I had a table laid out with all kinds of coloured glass, wood and semi-precious beads, tempting-looking metallic wires, and coloured cords for pendants. I'd also cleaned out my workshop of every pair of pliers and wire snips that I could find, plus few pairs of safety goggles for our younger visitors.


Obviously it's not my usual area of jewellery practice, but for events like this I think it's so important not to get too hung up about precision and technique. For me it was about sharing my enthusiasm for pure creative joy, and making sure that it was a fun thing to do, and also to be very relaxed and accessible. It was clear from so many faces (from little 5 year old faces to the older ones!) that there is a very real satisfaction and sense of reward in creating something new, and navigating all the thought processes that go with it!

all set up in the foyer.JPG

We kicked off at 11am, and I didn't catch a breath all day. I was hoping that people would follow their own creative paths and be spontaneous with what they found on my table, but I had also pre-made a few example projects which people could copy if they were stumped for ideas.

making a bracelet.JPG

The most complex was a wire-wrapped ring which was popular with adults, and the simplest was a wire bracelet with hook clasp and a bead or three in the centre which was great for the smallest visitors. I made sure to have alphabet beads as I thought the youngest visitors might enjoy making name bracelets, and even some fun super-detailed Fimo fruit beads which went down surprisingly well with some of the mamas!

big kids.JPG
mama daughter rings.JPG
choosing and designing.JPG

Most of all, I enjoyed working with the younger children. I was amazed at how confident some of them were at creating their own pieces, from their own imagination. Here are a couple of my favourites.

The ring below was designed and made by 7 year old Sophie, all by herself, whilst I was helping someone at the other end of the table. I think this is absolutely fantastic - and could totally see the same ring working amazingly well with 18ct yellow gold wire and drilled diamond beads!

7 year old sophie.JPG

The gorgeous, free spirited pendant below was made by little Freyja. She took one of the example pieces I'd brought along as her starting point, and she was absolutely adamant that this three-bead pendant was what she wanted to make! So so just went for it, and came up with this utterly joyful "3D scribble". You can see her happy smile in the top right corner!

happy Freyja.JPG

By the time 4pm rolled around, just over half of the beads and wire that I'd brought along had been turned into jewellery and was being proudly worn around the museum and grounds. The day had begun with an ordered, well-laid out table, but what with every stool and seat taken all day long (and several layers of people standing behind to wait for their turn) I was left with an explosion of creative chaos! Which I truly believe is the mark of a day very well spent. 


Our Beautiful Brindle Greyhound Broke Her Leg!

If you would like to support Melzie's recovery, Hannah is hand making sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold greyhound paw print charms to raise funds for her surgery, care and rehabilitation.


Late last month, we had quite an upsetting drama. We've had to drop everything. Demelza - known to her friends as Melzie and/or Snaz - is our four year old rescue greyhound. She was discharged from racing just over two years ago at only two years of age, and I'm sure you've seen loads of her on this blog and also on Hannah's Instagram stories. She is beloved by many.

A few days before the Easter weekend, when in a field with some local dog friends, Melzie's back leg caught in an old rabbit hole.  As she tripped and fell, her ankle was immediately dislocated so badly that her entire foot hung twisted and motionless at the end of her leg. Melzie was on extremely strong pain medication, together with a variety of anaesthetic and sedative drugs, for over 48 hours with her leg strapped up before she was able to be admitted into surgery for a CT scan.


They found that not only was her right hock joint very badly dislocated, the tiny talus bone which covered the joint had been pushed out of place right around to the opposite side, and she also has significant fractures to the fibula and tibia around the ankle joint. The joint had to be reassembled, and Melzie needed to have screws and orthopaedic wire fitted across the fractures to repair them.  She also needs to wear a transarticular frame on her leg for at least six weeks to allow her bones to heal properly before she can begin the long and painstaking journey to recovery.


Whilst we do have a good chunk of insurance for our Snaz-girl, unfortunately due to the complexity of her injures, her insurance policy doesn't cover the full amount needed for her programme of surgeries, aftercare, checkups, and recuperative care. 

Melzie has a loyal fan base with hundreds of people worldwide - you may be one of them! - who enjoy watching her antics on @JewelleryHannah's Instagram stories.  Hannah receives daily messages from people who have had their day brightened after watching what Snaz has been up to - be that running in the forest, chasing seagulls on the beach, or simply lying sprawled and snoring on the sofa. We have already received messages of love and support for Melzie from well over 100 people, and this gave us the idea to create a "Go Fund Me" page for anyone who would like to (and is able to) show their gratitude for all the smiles and laughs they have enjoyed by having a window onto Melzie's world.


If you would like to support Melzie's recovery, Hannah is hand making sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold greyhound paw print charms to raise funds for her surgery, care and rehabilitation.



In less than one week, we are already just over halfway to our target! We would like to extend a heartfelt and sincere thank you to every single one of you who has supported us during this stressful time.

You can read the full story and check up on updates by visiting